Nov 23, 2022 · 320 N Washington Street. , Limited is a professional Hi-Tech company, specializing in R& D, manufacturing, marketing of laser light, machinery and electric laser equipments etc. . . .

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    . . , Limited. Mactron Technology | Laser Marking Engraving Machine System Expert and Manufacturer.

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    Laser Marking Machine System. 1. Professional and considerate service I worked with Sunsa at Dongguan Mactron to purchase a fiber laser.


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    Best lasers inthe affordable budget. , Ltd (Short For: MACTRON ) was formerly known as Mactron Technology ( Hong Kong ) Co.


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    Fiber Laser Marking Machine is Using Fiber Laser Source to. Being a laser intelligent equipment service provider trusted by customers, Boosting Chinese smart manufacturing going global.

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    Buy US Stock 50W JPT Fiber Laser Engraver Machine Fiber Laser Marking Machine Engraving Machine 175×175mm Lens with Rotary Axis Compitable with Lightburn:.

    Fiber laser marking machine is especially outstanding in the aspect of portability.

    Email: sales@mactron-tech.

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    . The fiber laser engraver is armed with our self-developed high-speed marking control card and powerful software, compatible software output of AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, AI etc.

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    Dear Sirs,Greetings from Colombia,at the end of 2010 I bought them through Mr. .

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    This machine is the 30/50W desktop fiber laser engraving machine, it is equipped with the 20W/30W fiber laser source, and adopts our self-developed galvo head which has the double red light focusing function, and the laser machine equipped with the Siemens electrical system, all wire based on the CE standards and make the. Founded in 2008, Dongguan Mactron Technology Co. Hong Kong minnow EC Healthcare has topped Wesfarmers’ offer for Australia’s largest network of laser hair removal and botox clinics, offering $3. Portable Laser Marking Machine fiber laser marking machine laser marking machine for steel mactron jpt 50w mactron 30w jpt mactron 50w fiber laser mactron 50w fiber.

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    Instant Access to our settings libraries, bonus. .

. Customer Reviews: 4. Best lasers inthe affordable budget. Laser Everything.

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20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine Equipped JPT Laser Source. Gelly Dung,An 80 watt 900*600 CO2 laser machine. .